Monochrome: Wabi-sabi

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Apply the concept of "wabi-sabi" to your black and white photographs.

Wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic and world view, encourages one to embrace imperfect and transient beauty. As pointed out in this Lomo In-depth article, film photography, with its affinity to surprising light leaks, blurriness, under or overexposure, and other "flaws", makes it a natural fit for this style. For this Monochrome challenge, we welcome your black and white photographs that celebrates transience and imperfection.

Each participant can submit up to 10 film photographs. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Monochrome category.

Photo by atria007.

Here’s what you can win:

  1. Voucher worth 50 EUR for Lomography online shop × 1
  2. 15 Piggies for the Lomography online shop × 10


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