See the World through a Panaroma with the Belair Camera


See the world through the panaroma view. The Belair, a camera with panorama lens, makes it easy to fit everything in the picture. The cool design made me fall in love with Belair Camera undoubtedly.

I am extremely excited when I knew I am one of the very lucky owners of the Belair Jetsetter camera in Malaysia! Wow, it’s really exciting and I kept waiting for Mr. Postman to deliver the sexy Belair Jetsetter to me. When I visit the Lomography page I was wondering if it is too heavy to carry around, but it is totally out of my expectations. The camera just so lightweight yet fashionable.

There’s 2 different lenses and 3 masking formats that come together with the camera. That’s awesome isn’t it? Through this panorama lens, we can shoot 6×12 panoramic photos, as well as 6×6 square format, and 6×9 photos. I tried my very first roll and I was using the 6×12 format. Wow, it’s time to burn film, as this format can take 6 pictures panorama pictures in a roll of 120mm film!

With Belair, everything is awesome. The only two things that I am concerned with would be the size of the camera because it is hard to fit inside my small handbags. Secondly, I find it a bit too hard for my to push the lens back after I finish shooting. Other than that, it’s perfect.

If you like retro design, medium format cameras, shooting panoramic pictures, and multiple exposure features just like I do, I think you should try out this new camera from Lomography.

written by gladys on 2012-12-03 #gear #review #malaysia #first #belair-gladys-lucky-panaroma-malaysia-fun-120

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