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I’m Well Prepared to Travel Around the World with Belair X 6-12 Globetrotter!


Having been waiting for a long long time, the Belair X6-12 Globetrotter Limited Edition is finally in my hands! Let’s take a quick look together and see how we load the first roll!

I’m not used to writing such sneak previews, but the excitement of getting the Belair X6-12 Globetrotter Limited Edition give me the motivation to share! And it’s the very first camera I owned after entering the world of Lomography!

I found a box lying there when I came back home. What! My Christmas gift arrives so early!

I’m one of the lucky Lomographers who received the very first batch of Belair! So, let’s write a sneak preview and a tutorial on loading the film! :)

Text on one side of the box.

Open the box carefully.

Finally, it comes to the camera! The snake-skin pattern on Belair X6-12 Globetrotter is just too sexy!

Just to confim it’s Belair, with the two lenses.

Check again…Haven’t thought much when I preordered, but I’m already the 218th one to order it!

Remember to buy 2 LR44 batteries (available at any convenient store) before you start. The battery compartment is located in the front cover of the camera. Insert one battery with + pole facing upwards and another one with – pole facing upwards, and test to see if it operates normally by pressing the shutter for a few times.

note: even without a battery, Belair can still operate with " N shutter speed = 1/125s " !

For the first roll, let’s load Belair with Lomography Color Negative iso400 120 !

Pull the black handles located at the bottom left and right side of the camera and open the back cover.

Put this sexy back cover aside, and you could see the spool at the right inside the camera. Insert the mask with the desired frame size (the one shown in the photo is 6×12).

This roll of film looks like candy XDD

Put the film into the compartment on the left. Just like what we’ve shown in the photo, press the bottom part of the roll in and then push the upper part gently into the compartment.

Pull the film leader to the right, and beware not to let loose the film roll!

note: the inferior part of 120 film is just black paper and you don’t have to worry about the problem of it being exposed, just remember not to load or unload the film under strong light.

Insert the film leader into the take up spool on the right.

When the film leader is in, turn the advance node anti-clockwise and make sure that the film feeds correctly from the roll. Now, it’s time to put back the back cover!

After that, check if the window for film counting has been switched to the right one (the one shown in the picture is using the window of 6×6 / 6×12)

Rotate the advance node continuously and guess what? Some text could be seen…「Don’t think just shot!」appears and that surprises me a lot! Five small dots come next and finally, it’s the number “1”!

As we’re going to shoot in 6×12 format for the first roll, we have to rotate the advance node till we see the number “2” before we start taking photos, and after each shot, advance film till we see the next even number (2、4、6、8、10、12). For formats 6×6 or 6×9, simply advance film according to the order of number (1、2、3….).

It’s okay to change the lens even if you haven’t finished shooting the whole roll yet as the shutter would be securely closed after each shot. Just beware of the dedicated parts of the shutter and not to avoid touching it when changing the lens!

Everything is ready! You’re now well prepared to fly with Belair right the way!

When compared with other medium format SLR camera: smaller camera size with collapsible bellow, and it’s weight is 5 to 6 times lighter! (Weight of camera body of Globetrotter is only 500g)

It’s not your fish! Get a roll of film and you’re ready to travel around the world with Belair X6-12 Globetrotter !

Haven’t ordered Belair yet? Don’t worry, our 15% off discount is still valid (while stock last). Order now and you could enjoy this fabulous discount with a pack of Lomography 120 CN400 film for free ! Take this golden opportunity and get your own Jetsetter and City Slicker from our Lomography Online Shop now!

written by zakof on 2012-11-27 #gear #review #120-film #lomography #belair-x6-12-globetrotter #belair-first-owner
translated by gateau


  1. hobbyfossi
    hobbyfossi ·

    Thx for the detailled insight of your first approach.

  2. placidcasua1
  3. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Yes all Mamiyas are tanks. Great info on the Belair.

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