Nice to meet you, Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter!

When Belair was first released, I was attracted by its classic outlook and we finally meet after one month’s time.

The package includes the camera body, 2 lenses with the corresponding viewfinder and masks for changing the shooting format among 3 frame sizes: 6×6、6×9 and 6×12. This is the very first batch of cameras for testing and so, it comes without very elegant packing.

The 2 lenses are 90mm and 58mm respectively, each comes with its corresponding viewfinder and with aperture f/8 and f/16. Zone focusing of 1m、1.5m、3m and infinity. It operates similarly as LC-A+ but it allows even finer adjustment, and with comparatively small apertures, the depth of view is relatively deeper and the possibility of getting out-of-focus images is much reduced.

Auto exposure is one of its biggest attractions to me. But do remember to insert the two LR44 battery or the auto exposure mechanism won’t start working. The little round spot beside the lens is for light detection, and so, remember to keep it unblocked when shooting.

Behind the interior cover of the camera is the wheel by which you could adjust the iso setting, ranging from iso50-1600 with B mode.

I love the design of its shutter and it looks really handsome. As taught by Jeansman, I hold the interior cover of the camera when I press the shutter button, as this helps to keep my Belair steady.

After playing with my Belair, I was quite impressed by it as it’s well-crafted yet not as heavy as mechanical SLR cameras. I’m interested in its 6×12 and 6×9 format and therefore, I started shooting with the above 2 formats for my first few rolls. Please look forward to my latest photos taken with Belair!

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written by ccwu on 2012-11-27 #gear #review #camera-reviews #news #analogue-cameras #user-review #120-films
translated by gateau

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