Discover Hong Kong Through Tattso's Belair X 6-12

Hong Kong user tattso would like to share his experience of shooting with the Belair X 6-12 with us! tattso shows us a good example of different ways to use the Belair X 6-12, for instance through double exposure! Don’t miss the interesting story about a lady who hands out flyers with her special outfits in Kwun Tong, among others…

Credits: tattso

Lomo Home: tattso
Location: Hong Kong

Credits: tattso

1. What do you think about the high quality auto-exposure lens of the Belair X 6-12 ?

As a previous owner of the Voigtlander Bessa II, and now a proud Belair X 6-12 user, I have to say that this is the first time I am using a folder with automatic exposure and the experience was really unique, it was a marriage between the old and new technologies and designs. There are folders available on the market with auto-exposure, but the Belair X 6-12 is packed with exceptional features (multiple format) and lightweight design, making it a highly enjoyable and functional art-making tool.

2. Did the classic design of the Belair X 6-12 inspire anything, in terms of your photography?

Even though the Belair has a classic design, it is designed for heavy duty street snapping. I quickly forgot I was using a folder and focused on my shooting.

Credits: tattso

3. If you could use the Belair X 6-12 to photograph one famous person, who would that be and why?

Clint Eastwood. The Belair 6×12 panoramic format deserves a subject worthy for the epic cinematic grandiose.

4. In your series of Belair X 6-12 – First Trial, there are mainly portraits. Your first double exposure shot is particularly successful. What would you recommended to those shooting with the Belair X 6-12?

Utilize the 6×12 format. It’s a panoramic format with a lot of celluloid real estate. Think about the horizontal space before the shot, and try to use the wide canvas to tell a story.

5. Which format do you like the best? What are your feelings towards the 6×12 format of Belair X 6-12 ?

I shot mostly with the 6×12 format because this is the unique format that Belair resurrects. Shooting with the 120 film in Belair’s 6×12 format is an artistic experience on a cinematic level.

Credits: tattso

6. Did you enjoy the shooting with the Belair X 6-12 this time? Can you share your best shot and the story behind it?

It took time to build the relationship with the tool, as is any case when I use a new camera. I got a few good shots and surprisingly the shots that I didn’t plan too much worked out best. Here’s a shot of this weird lady who distributes flyers in industrial area of Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. My father has an office there, and I’ve visited the area ever since I was a kid. I saw this woman on the street dressed in heavy make-up and kitschy clothes distributing flyers around the corner. Everybody tells me she’s insane but I decided to walk up and chat with her for the first time. Surprisingly, she’s a completely sane woman fully aware of her appearance, and actually using that as an attraction point to get people pick up her flyers.

7. What’s your future plan with the Belair X 6-12? Where will be your next destination to photograph?

I don’t have a lot of big ambition photographically. All I want is probably traveling to the places that I always want to go (and will eventually one day) with the Belair and take awesome photos of my journey including – Egypt, Easter Island, Paru, Mexico, Bhutan, Athens, India.

(Check out tattso's beautiful travel photography too, below!)

Credits: tattso

For more information and photos, please visit tattso's LomoHome and album Belair X 6-12 -First trial!

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