Belair X 6-12 Staff Review: 5 Things to be Careful at the Beginning


Lomography JAPAN staff presents Belair review! This will introduce five ideas you need to be careful when you first start using Belair X 6-12!

I started to hear some news about some Lomographers in the world started receiving her/his Belair X6-12. If you have not, please be patient!

I got it earlier this month, and went out for shake-down testing, and will be presenting what kinds of things you might want to be careful when you first start using Belair!

1.  Lens cap and bellows
Like the LC-A+, you think you are shooting with a regular toy camera, you shoot and wind, and realize afterward that you left the lens cap on! In addition, your Belair bellows was not opened for shooting a shot. I actually did it. And I was using 6×12 format, so I lost 1 shot out of 6!!!! Please be careful, unless you realize what you did before rewinding film. (which I did not realize until finishing to unwind)

2.  Flash Cable
When you close the bellows, you need to make sure that flash cable is NOT between the bellows, just in case the cable is not damaged. If anything happens, when you you want to use the flash, it is not good at all that flash is not working. Just have some space for the cable when you close the bellows:)

3.  Batteries
Make sure to put batteries in the right way, positive and negative sides:)
You can still shoot without the batteries and metering, but you might get under and over exposures.. (with fixed 1/125 sec shutter speed)

4. Lens and viewfinder
Make sure to switch the viewfinder when you change the lens.
Your composition gets varied due to different combination of lens and viewfinder.

5. How to hold Belair
Belair is quite light weight camera. Let’s decide how to hold it right.

We think there are two better ways to hold with smaller hand and bigger hand:)

With smaller hands

Use your left hand to hold the body, and use your right hand to support the lens board and release the shutter with thumb.

With bigger hands

Use your left hand to support the camera body, use pinky and ring finger to hold the bottom. You can support the right side with your right hand, and release the shutter with your index finger.

Have fun with your Belair!:)

written by ihci-uy on 2012-12-06 #gear #review #careful #staff #belair #beginning #belair-x-6-12
translated by whynotwinnipeg


  1. masala27
    masala27 ·

    Great info. Thanks.

  2. chethong
    chethong ·

    Thanks, but I am still confused on the sides of batteries. For e.g. on the compartment that marks '+', does it mean I should put the '+' side of the battery down, or should the '+' faces up ?

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