Belair x 6-12 Globetrotter Unboxing Review - Introduced By Lomographer: Singleelderly

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While we are waiting for Belair X 6-12 arrive at our homes, a few lucky Lomographers have got their Belair Globetrotter on hand already! Good for you all! Let’s see their open box review! Here’s Lomographer Singleelderly’s unboxing report!

Singleelderly, doesn’t it feel like buying an unfinished house? I had never seen the real camera itself but I just decided to order the Belair X 6-12. And I got it earlier than expected, in November!

The package isn’t heavy. It comes in a cardboard box unlike the classical, gorgeous wood box of the LC-A+ and LC-Wide (that wood box is very useful as a storage box for cameras…)

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It’s pretty eco-friendly in that the camera is only wrapped up in a black cloth without too complex a design when I opened the paper box.

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The package comes with both a 90mm and 58mm lens and its view finder.

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There’s a rear and front cap that comes with the lens in plastic. I feel that it’s more delicate compared to Diana F+ ’s lens.

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It’s convenient to bring out without open the lens (when you get older, having a smaller and lighter weight camera will make your life easier!) Included is a cover to protect the lens! You’ll find it’s made with plastic but the connective bits are in metal.

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Put the lens on, match the white dot on the lens and the black dot on the body, turn it to right until hear a “pa” sound. Make it tighter. The 2 steps of aperture value will be auto-exposure after you put the battery in. Without battery it’s 1/125 per second. It sounds like I could use it to take picture in snow too! I will give it a try later!

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I suppose Lomographers are fimiliar with guessing the distance when taking photos! New users can test it with the square feet on the floor at home: 1M,1.5M and 3M. It will get easier soon! Each lens will show you different depths of the objects and space. Feel free to check the manual too!

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Please prepare two LR44 batteries. Open the cover of the battery (located on the top of the body) and be aware of the +/- symbol.

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Then you can open the lens by pushing the bottom at the center of the body. Take it up easily.

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Do the same thing if you want to close it. Push the bottom in the middle of the “X” at the top and close it easily until you hear the “pa” sound.

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There is a view finder. Roll it to the top of the oval point and turn it to 90 degrees.

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Doesn’t it look cool? Time to put film in! There are two black pullout buttons below the body of camera. Take the back cover away by pushing them simultaneously!

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Black square at the film space. Decided what format do you wish to take with? 6×12 (a roll of 6), 6×9 (a roll of 8) or 6×6 (a roll of 12). There are 3 “masks” to insert into the film space that correspond with the photo format.

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Use you nail to take it up gently when changing it.

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The process of advancing film is similar to the Diana. Insert the film on the left and pull it to the right. Pull part of it over the center, making sure it’s taught, and hold it tight. Then turn the film advance ring on the top.

Set the ISO before taking photos at the side of the lens. Please pay attention – the B shutter only works with battery. It is 1/125 without battery.

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According to the manual: ISO100 for daytime and ISO400 for night time. Read it and start taking photographs with your new Belair X6-12!

Finally, I think there are 2 things that could be improved:

  • It could come with a better quality cloth to wrap up the camera.
  • And If it comes with LR44, like the LC-A+ and LC-Wide do, we could take picture once we’ve got it.
  • Would be nice to have a small bag like for the Diana, for outdoor photography.

2 and 3 may costs us more but we would love to pay more to get a prefect pack.

If you want to know more about the Belair X 6-12 you can check the official Microsite – Belair

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  1. hobbyfossi
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    well done! very good information - keeps me curious while waiting for mine. Thx for sharing

  2. chethong
    chethong ·

    Nice article! I still wonder which way to put the batteries in. Does the '+' means that the + side of the battery should face down, or should it face up ? Hmmm....

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    reviews from @sngleelderly are always helping :D

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