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frauspatzi is one of the First Lucky German Lomography Ladies with her very own Belair


frauspatzi, a very active Community member of course, is one of the lucky chosen Lomographers who received the very first batch of Belair X 6-12 cameras in Germany. Check out her wonderful results!

Credits: frauspatzi

It can be assumed that she was completely over the moon when she first put her hands on her very own Belair. Check out the absolutely amazing results these hands obtained, warm reddish-orange colours in the gallery above and the rest below:

Credits: frauspatzi

After the intense black and white take a look at the dreamy coloured ones…

Credits: frauspatzi

Get your very own Belair X 6-12 from our Online Shop or pre-order it at one of our Gallery Stores. You still get the 15% discount till the end of December.

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translated by vja

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