The Photographer as an Artist: Analogue Black & White


Tried and tested by time, the black and white aesthetics remain as top photographers' favorites. It's not overrated, and it never was. It's easy to see why many of your favorite photographers, such as Roger Ballen and Sebastião Salgado remain loyal to the palette.

Images stripped away from its color becomes a work of form and composition -- of light and darkness. Here are some of our favorite monochromatic Lomographs from the community.

Classic portraits

Credits: albeelee, splinter66, rationaltom & alwaysae

Inked landscapes

Credits: filipdr, raldo_useless, redkarma, brettlaw, benjamoon & kackebob

Night world

Credits: tanamo, usernameisinvalid, pasta_frutta & jervisstar

Fine lines and shapely figures

Credits: sarabubamara, igeorgesss, sonya650, merveebasturk, isnapfotos, sanmariano & lataal

Old school surrealism

Credits: iskandarmuhd, judicael, franan, somooblacklist, earlybird & mephisto19

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