Raw & Youthful Pictures of the Eastern Bloc


The Eastern Bloc, the group of Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, was more than just isolate by the West, which had become so power-hungry post-war. Citizens belonging to the East look up to Russia, "the most prominent nation".

Eastern Bloc youth culture, however, battle with the tension coming from totalitarianism with raw desire and energy. There's grit and yearning of freedom, through vices of cigarettes, alcohol and sex -- sometimes violence as a side dish.

Catch the works of photographers Masha Demianova, Pola Esther, Gorsad, Daniel King, Sasha Kurmaz, Sonya Kydeeva, Slava Mogutin, George Nebieridze, Anya Schiller, Marie Tomanova and Irina Yulieva in Baby, I like It Raw: Post-Eastern Bloc Photography at the Czech Center New York, New York City.

Images by Slava Mogutin
Images by Slava Mogutin

The show will run through April 4.

Images are sourced from Loeil de la photographie.

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