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"Lost in Bangkok": A Sneak Into Quentin Cherrier's New Book

Following the success of the Barcelona project of photographer Quentin Cherrier on Kickstarter, Cherrier now has informally funded his new book which will focus on the elusive capital of Thailand.

Back in 15th century Ayutthaya Kingdom, Bangkok used to be a small trading post. It was the heart of modernisation of Siam (Thailand's archaic name), and it was heavily pressured by Western influences by 19th century.

The Asian investment boom in the 1980's and 1990's had made the city the international hub for regional headquarters of multinational corporations, and has then emerged as a hub for transport, health care, arts, fashion and entertainment.

The vibrant street life in the city continues to attract foreigners; however, its rapid growth in urban planning and regulation has made it a chaotic cityscape.

For rigorous 6 months, Cherrier spent covering the city in its new, urban face. Bangkok, nicknamed as the "Big Mango", is an urban jungle. It is a city where walls can be made in the middle of the road; or an apartment under a highway. It has no rules, especially if its for money.

However, it is that sort of city, full of unexpected surprises to catch anyone off-guard.

Images are sourced from the Kickstarter. You can also pledge your support until April 23.

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