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Olaf Otto Becker's Scenic Landscapes of Both Spoilt & Untouched Nature


It is becoming rare to find natural habitat nowadays -- where the greenery is pure and untainted by humanity and technology. Such places that still exist are becoming dreamlike illusions. Here, photographer Olaf Otto Becker juxtaposes the rainforest and the balded, cleared lands.

Deforestation Central Kalimantan, 2012; Sumatra Portrait; Erosion after logging of Mangroves, 2006 by Ghosttrees Malaysia, 2012

His book Olaf Otto Becker: Reading the Landscape brings a glimpse of ecological niches and habitats untouched and unspoiled by humanity -- ever-leafy trees and crawling vines of the tropics look just as how we imagine -- such is seen in the deep jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Even the Redwood National Parks in California remain intact.

Deforestation Central Kalimantan, 2012; Primary Swamp Forest by Ghosttrees Malaysia, 2012

The image of an Earthly paradise shatters as he takes us into the second half of his series. Juxtaposing the sublimity of nature is the tragic beauty of barren, cleared lands. Treeless terrains no longer are arable. Life no longer is possible around here.

The last part of the series is a preview of the future -- of artificial forests, conceived by architects to put the greenery into the urban space.

Primary Swamp Forest; Ghosttrees Malaysia, 2012 by Ghosttrees Malaysia, 2012

Images are from the press kit.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    shame on me as an Indonesian I haven't been there. Actually I was at Kalimantan once at Batu Licin port in 1999 but it's just a transit from my trip from Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) to Semarang. The scenery at Batu Licin port back then was just amazing. From the deep ocean our ship was pulled by small boat to the low lake port. Recently googling Batu Licin airport and just like another so called "development" in every area in Indonesia, it's not an exotic port anymore

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