From the Vintage Archives: Photochrom Rome

The Holy Roman Empire is long gone, but it continuously romanticized throughout time -- take it through the words of poets like Lord Byron or William Wordsworth. There was such a concept called "Grand Tour"; Englishmen were considered unaccomplished or inferior if they do not roundtrip Europe - and Rome was considered a must-visit.

Gander at the Trevi Fountain, the Trumphal Arch, the Temple, the Coliseum, The Forum; they remain landmarks of Rome's distant, yet unforgettable past in classic history. These Photochroms (process invented by Swiss printer Orell Gessner Fussli), brought a lifelike breath to those who cannot have the luxury of leisurely travel.

View all 40 colored postcards here.

Images are from the Library of Congress, under the public domain.

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