Black and White Photography by Bram De Martelaere


Who said you can't get an adrenaline rush from black and white photographs? You can get all the dosage you need from San Francisco transplant Bram De Martelaere. He's in deep with the skate scene but he doesn't stay just within the confines of the skate park.

© Bram De Martelaere

De Martelaere prefers shooting in black and white and we can't blame him. He's developed his own process that mixes the excitement of skate photography and the emotion and calmness of street and architecture photography. You'd have to take a closer look at his photographs to appreciate the mastery and details that go in each one. He ties up all the visual elements in his photographs with a sense of confidence and grace that can only come from experience, talent, and skill combined.

© Bram De Martelaere

If you're interested in Bam's work, you may head on over to his Instagram account and website.

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