Shooting Symmetry - Photography by Murat Erman


Murat Erman Aksoy is a Berlin-based artist that uses symmetry and structure in his work. An architect by profession, Murat uses his keen eye for intersecting lines and recurring patterns and applies them into the images he shoots.

© Murat Erman Aksoy

It is easy to notice Erman's affinity to framing and balance. He keeps his images in line, carefully taking into consideration equal distribution of details. You can clearly see the artist's effort to achieve symmetry. This technique lets Erman anchor his images so that they have an even look regardless of the subject he's shooting. It's a beautiful style that adds character to Erman's work.

© Murat Erman Aksoy

If you're interested in Erman's work, you may head to his website, blog and Instagram account.

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  1. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    Like them a lot! Very nice indeed!

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