"Ornitographies": Chronophotographs of Birds by Xavi Bou

2017-08-11 2

Inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's own motion studies, photographer Xavi Bou inspects the skylines for flying birds through the process of chronophotography.

Bou's long interest in birds began during his childhood, and spent the time with his grandfather bird-watching along the Llobregat Delta, which is home to various species of avian creatures. The photographs were taken in various seasons, depending on the season a certain species of bird would show up. The title "Ornitographies", stem from the Greek words for "bird" and "writing -- "ornis" and "graphia".

The Barcelona-based photographer stitched the multiple photographs together to form dizzying swirls that look like the pestilence. He wanted to see the pattern of the birds' flight movement.

Images are from Hyperallergic.

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