Fabrics of Nature: Ester Vonplon's Glaciers and Ice

There's always something sad and beautiful with the snow. Synonymous to a "white blanket". Swiss photographer Ester Vonplon photographs the fleeting glacier blocks, and shreds of ice and water, mimicking textures and surfaces of cloth.

Wohin, Gletschenfahrt by Ester Vonplon

The photographs are part of a trilogy, namely "ARKTIS", "GLETSCHERFAHRT", and SCHNEE/SALZ" in which Ester was inspired by her homecoming back in her village in Switzerland. It was then, she began to fall in love with the snow again.

.It was the whiteness of the sleet, and how it covers the landscapes, dirt and all of the earth, leaving us nothing but a pure white horizon. Her series "GLETSCHERFAHRT" is actually accompanied by sound recordings of the ebb and tide of the waters.

Wievelzeit by Ester Vonplon

The snow and glacier are simplified in Ester's imagery; a close-up to the littlest of details to be found in a blank slate of white. Some show off the crystal blue of Arctic waters, the majority in monochromatic prints that form the silhouettes of movement through grays.

Await for our upcoming interview with Ester soon! In the meantime, visit her website for more of her works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-08-13 #people #black-and-white #ester-vonplon #art-photography

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