Bruno Barbey: a Life of War & Photography

Refusing to be labeled as a war photographer, Bruno Barbey's four-decade career captured most of the 20th-century world history's most arresting moments of humanity in the face of conflict and adversity.

Demonstration against the construction of the Narita Airport and the war of Vietnam, Tokyo, Japan, 1971 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos; Burgan oil fields burning, Kuwait, 1991 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos; Bombay (Mumbai), India, 1980 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos

Deemed as one of the most successful photojournalists of the time, Barbey's position in the history of photography through preciseness and poetic approach gives his images beauty amidst the darkness and weigh of the scenes -- "a rendezvous with history", he once said, as much as it is a rendezvous with life.

Barbey was also a pioneer of using color film in photojournalism, most notably his photographs of Morocco as a prime example. He also captured the Vietnam War, the Six-Day War in the Middle East, the 1960's student demonstrations across the world, Solidamość-era in Poland, and Iraq's war in the 90's.

Catch the display of his oeuvre in Bruno Barbey: Passages at the The Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, running through January 14, 2018.

The Amazon River, Leticia, Amazonas, Brazil, 1966 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos; Moulay Ismael Mausoleum, Meknes, Morocco, 1985 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos; Students in a chain passing cobble stones for the barricades , Gay Lussac Street, Paris, France, May 10th 1968 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos; Rivière des Galets, Réunion Island, France, 1991 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum Photos

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