William Wegman and the Joy of Being a Dog Photographer

While many would identify themselves as portraitists, landscapists or street shooters, American photographer William Wegman is a unique sort of photographer. For 45 years, Wegman's known to the world as the "dog photographer".

Mostly, Wegman would shoot his own Weimaraners, and they'll be posed against colorful, eye-popping solid backdrops. He would pose his muses with rather whimsical garbs and ensembles akin to royal dressings. His dog Man Ray is probably one of the most known dogs in the art world due to his endearing, deadpan presence. Man Ray became a central character in most of Wegman's oeuvre, and when Man Ray died in 1982, the Village Voice deemed him "Man of the Year".

Here is an interview with the photographer himself.

Preview image is from the video.

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