Old School Romance: 90's-Style Valentines in Lomographs


Love is in the air here at Lomography and in lieu of our 25th anniversary, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going back to the 101 and the Lomo basics? Here’s how Lomographers captured retro love, in the soulful beat of the 90’s.

In the 21st century, finding a romantic partner seems more like a chore for life, an oath together in death, hearts filled with the dread of living alone. In simpler times, romance and relationships don’t always have to end in happily ever after, but there’s always that hopeful, prospect.

Credits: endorphin, sebastianerras & vici

Your usual Valentines colors take the back seat; come your sparks of chemistry with electrically charged yellows and laidback attitude in mints. Drab them in neon purple and magenta for the deeper connection and soulmate-like bond, paling in comparison to the passionate fire of red or the heartfelt joy in pink.

Credits: dogma, lomographybarcelona & meerly

Much like the aesthetics, 90’s romance was meant to be loud, wild, fun while being able to be serious at the same time. It’s being happy without expectations, yet the heart filled with love. It’s no wonder why the aesthetics of this decade reflect so much of the attitude, like Rose’s unexpected affair with Jack in "Titanic', or the modern Cinderella romance in “Pretty Woman”, or better yet, the fateful meeting between unassuming Viennese students and the LC-A. Nineties love was all about being swept away on your feet, immersing in the moment, with or without the promise of forever.

It’s like what Tom Hanks would say in that famous movie, “life is a box full of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”

Credits: ssia, grindhousegirl, sinser, badjuju & vicuna

written by lomographymagazine on 2018-02-13 #news

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