First Date: Dreamy Days with Diana F+

2018-02-11 3

From its charming design to the dreamy photographs it takes, it's hard not to be smitten with the Diana F+. On its 10th year celebration, Lomographers and longtime fans of Lomography's reigning retro queen remember how their first meeting with this lovely camera evolved to an everlasting love.


megs79's favorite photo from her first roll. Taken while exploring in a cemetery in the French Quarter.

Can you tell us about the first time you shoot with a Diana F+. Any funny or strange occurrences?

I will never forget the first time I saw the Diana F+ Dreamer. I adored its mint color and retro design. Even her name had me transfixed. I decided to buy one just to play around. We were going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans a week later, so I waited until then to use it for the first time. I threw it around my neck along with a pile of beads, and we headed out into the streets. Lots of people stared and pointed at my camera. I got asked lots of questions about it, too. I shot away during the whole trip, sometimes forgetting to change the focus or adjust for lighting…even accidentally leaving the cap on a couple times! But I ended up falling in love with the dreamy and beautifully imperfect photos my Diana F+ produced. Even though I have collected quite a few Lomography cameras since then, the Diana F+ is still my favorite.

Describe the Diana F+ in three words.

Imperfect, dreamlike, experimental.

Credits: megs79

How has your relationship with the Diana F+ evolved throughout the years?

Although I have played around with many different toy, analogue, and digital cameras in the past few years, the Diana F+ will always be one of my true loves. She lends herself to my creative process in so many ways. The plastic lens alone can turn something ordinary into a work of art. Shooting with this camera helped me to look at taking photographs in a completely different and more abstract way.


candeeland's favorite photograph from her first Diana F+ roll.

Can you tell us about the first time you shoot with a Diana F+. Any funny or strange occurrences?

I started my first attempt with the Diana F+ in summer 2013, when my son was visiting. He wanted to prepare himself for the sport test at the police academy and practiced long jumping. My first shots with the Lomo Redscale film were actually very bad, but today I think it's cool. As always, I was too impatient and just started. A Redscale film in the Diana is especially tricky. I would recommend a Color Negative 400 for beginners. And sun, lots of sun!

Describe the Diana F+ in three words.

Sun-hungry, diva, vintage-queen.

Credits: candeeland

How has your relationship with the Diana F+ evolved throughout the years?

Oh, I love her so much! Our relationship began complicated, but it developed into a great love. With a little bit of practice and patience you learn to appreciate this camera, its results usually make me cheer. The unpredictable pictures are real art for me, you never know what you're getting and most of the time it's fantastic. Hail to the Lomo Queen!


@007-0815-styler's photo from his first Diana F+ roll

Can you tell us about the first time you shoot with a Diana F+. Any funny or strange occurrences?

Woah, that'zzz really way back in time, but there are a few thingzzz I'll alwayszzz remember. I don't have to tell you that the people were alwayzzz a bit confused when I'd grab my Diana F+ for a shot, which happens with almost every Lomo camera I'd used in public. "Uhhh what'zzz thizzz." "That'zzz no real camera." "You can't take real photozzz with thizzz one." You all know that, so nothing special.

But my first film roll I'd shot with the Diana F+ were with a model and my dad in a stairwell at my apartment. I was used to it, that the camerazzz I had before made a click and stopped after I advance the film for the next shot, not with the Diana F+. I wazzz afraid to move the film too far, so I'd move it just a bit. The resultzzz were some triple fourfold multi exposure shotzzz.

Describe the Diana F+ in three words.

multi-functional + huge + traditional

Credits: 007-0815-styler

How has your relationship with the Diana F+ evolved throughout the years?

After a few film rollzzz my knowledge about the camera began to grow. I loved the camera from the first time, but the resultzzz were even better after I knew how to handle the Diana F+. And over the yearzzz Lomo released a few new gimmickzzz, such azzz the 35mm camera back, the wide angle lens, it never got boring.


This image has exactly the "Lomo" effect I was looking for: a nice vignette, soft and blurry around the edges, but sharp in the center and an all over vintage look.

Can you tell us about the first time you shoot with a Diana F+. Any funny or strange occurrences?

I remember that when I first unpacked the Diana F+, I was a little disappointed, because it felt more like a toy than a "real" camera. So this lightweight piece of plastic is responsible for all the dreamy, lo-fi images that I had seen on the Lomography website and that had mesmerized me straightaway? Up to that point I had never used a medium format camera, so I was a little nervous on my first walk in the harbor of Hamburg, but shooting with the Diana immediately felt very natural and easy.

Describe the Diana F+ in three words.

Versatile: Multiple exposures, panoramas, pinhole photography, interchangeable lens system, 35mm back, etc – phew, this camera offers a lot of creative possibilities.
Easy to use: For me the perfect camera for "Don‘t think just shoot" on a sunny day.
Lightweight: A very nice feature that comes in handy when you travel and carry a bunch of cameras with you.

Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh

How has your relationship with the Diana F+ evolved throughout the years?

The Diana F+ is my reliable travel companion for some years now. I love the surprise, when I get the developed film back, because you never know what you get. Sometimes half the pictures are underexposed or I forgot to remove the lens cap, sometimes it’s just to much light leaks, but despite that you are always rewarded with some pictures that are simply awesome. But I have to admit that as my analoge camera shelf grows, I have neglected poor Diana in recent times, because right now I’m more into sharp images with less analogue effects.

Any fond memories of your first date with the Diana F+? Don't be shy and share those stories in the comments below!

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