Gear Envy - Steky Subminiature Spy Camera


As far as spy cameras go, this one from Steky has to be one of the most stylish.

Steky 16mm sub-miniature camera © The Invisible Agent

Espionage is a game of stealth. A good agent must know how to conceal things to avoid capture and collect intel. This 16mm sub-miniature camera may have played a part in photographing secret files for important reconnaissance missions. Easily concealable, this nifty spy camera will fit in any discerning spy's arsenal quite nicely. Of course, martinis are optional.

Steky 16mm sub-miniature camera © The Invisible Agent

If you interested in the Steky camera, head over to Camerapedia, and The Invisible Agent for more.

written by cheeo on 2018-02-10 #gear #gear #spy-camera #subminiature #16mm #steky #gear-envy

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