Pulling in Extraordinary Panorama Shots with the Spinner 360°


Take a break from your usual analogue routine and shoot all 24 or 36 frames of a film roll in a snap! Experiments come in handy from time to time, and the Spinner 360° is like the perfect way for any photographer to try something totally new. In a 36-exposure 35mm film, the Spinner 360° gives you an omniscient view of the world with 8 full 360° panoramas. We've put together some tips so you can capture stunning shots with the Spinner 360° that you've just got to try for yourself!

Seeing Double: the Clone Effect

A fun, beginner-friendly way to create an extraordinary panorama shot with the Spinner 360° is to perform the clone effect. The effect is simple: arrange a group of people a horizontal line and spin backward. And, don't forget to change your poses, movements or expressions to make the shot even quirkier!

Credits: elenakulikova, faaabii & atria007

Topsy-Turvy Vertoramas

This type of shot creates the illusion of an upside-down reality. Change your angle from horizontal orientation to vertical panoramas and you’ve got yourself a “vertorama”! To achieve super surreal vertorama shots, you'll want to do the backflip technique with the Spinner 360°. Simply stand on a platform you can jump down from, then hold the camera in front of you, and turn it 90° before pulling the ripcord. Voila!

Credits: vicuna, fivedayforecast & vita-reducta

Spherical Landscapes with the Disc Shot

Compress your Spinner 360° exposures by post-processing them into circular shots. You can prepare your disc shots with the Spinner 360° by doing the group hug technique for a “human flower” shot. Simply gather your friends and arrange them in a small circle, hold the camera in a mid-horizontal position and spin it. And, to create a tiny planet shot, perform the overhead spin and you’ll pull in all your surroundings in a single spin. Simply place the camera on top of your head, and spin the cord. You can also pair the Spinner 360° with the Motorizer to capture even further distances.Start filling your frames with even more earth and sky for your very own, unique planet shot.

Credits: emperornorton, mafiosa & kylewis

Film Photography Day Spinner 360° Deal!

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Lomography Spinner 360

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    The 360 disc shot is fantastic! How do you do it post processing?

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