What the Hell is Lomography?

Established in 1992 by a group of footloose Viennese students, the Lomographic Society International is photography’s wild child. Fuelled by fiery passion and burning curiosity, we blasted off our free-spirited movement when we stumbled across the Lomo LC-A — the most popular Russian camera of the 1980s, now famed for its quirky aesthetic. We wasted no time at all and created our Ten Golden Rules, and we’ve dutifully followed them ever since. Today — with over 1 million creative members — Lomography is a license to let loose; an invitation to ignite your inspiration, and a platform to catapult your shots around the globe. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro, we believe that you harness the power to create something incredible. From crazy color-shifting film to bespoke Art Lenses, innovative instants to classic analogue cameras we’re dedicated to designing and producing all the photographic tools you need.

Lomographic Cameras

What started with the legendary Lomo LC-A, was followed by other cameras that we specially designed to expand analogue creativity: the Supersampler, Lubitel 166+, Horizon cameras, Fisheye Cameras, Diana F+, Diana Mini, Spinner 360°, Sprocket Rocket, LC-Wide, La Sardina, LomoKino, Belair X 6-12, Konstruktor, LC-A 120 and Lomo’Instant.

Lomographic Film

We also constantly bring out new and exciting films to play with. We have a full film range that covers the 35mm, 120 and 110 formats and includes color negative, slide, redscale and black & white.

Experimental Photography

And our commitment to analogue, experimental and creative photography has reached new heights with the introduction Lomography Art Lens Family, whose members include the New Petzval 85, New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control, Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64, New Jupiter 3+, New Russar+ and Lomo LC-A Minitar-1. Each Art Lens has its own unique character but the family all share the same attention to detail, optical quality and exciting image making.

Today, we supply Lomographers all over the world through many Gallery & Embassy Stores and the Lomography Online Shop. Lomography Stores are popular meeting points for Lomographers; they host exhibitions and fulfill every wish when it comes to your Lomographic desires.

Looking to explore Lomography further?

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Tailor-made Lomography Workshops

Are you looking for something different to impress your friends, business partners, colleagues or customers? If you have an event coming up – whether it’s a birthday, bachelor(ette) party, school or work event – why not sign up to one of our tailor-made workshops? Just get in touch with one of our Lomography Gallery Stores anywhere in the world, and we can arrange all details and tailor the workshop to your needs.