Trial and Error: Sprocket Showdown

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Sprocket Showdown

Add a gloriously analogue touch to your snapshots by exposing those sprocket holes!

Sprocket holes are the little squares that run along the top and bottom of 35 mm film. It's use to hook the film on the camera's winder, but with the right gear this can also be exposed for a truly unique effect. Time to shoot with your Sprocket Rocket or load a 35 mm film on your medium format shooter!

Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Trial and Error category.

Photo by dotdotdot

The Prizes

  1. Voucher worth 50 EUR for Lomography online shop × 1
  2. 10% off on all items on the Lomography Online Shop × 10

The Winners

Congratulations to: smolda, sobetion, sirio174, czm310, lzyrich, iamsla, kleeblatt, meister_pez, goonies, tomiloveslomo & frenchyfyl.