Movement: Special Category: Movement Award

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Special Category: Movement Award

Welcome to the "Open Submission Round" of this year's special category. Explore the different facets of "movement" through your best photographs!

Movement suggests a shift in position — may it be physical or ideological. Lomography challenges you to be on the move and define what "movement" means to you. Think of how you can freeze an amble athlete mid-jump or the rush of morning commuters. Be inspired by past masters and mimic the style of a popular art movement in your photographs. Or be a part of history yourself, stand up for your rights and document a groundbreaking protest in your neighborhood. Movement is all about making a difference — get ready to be the driver of that change!

Submit as many photos as you want! There'll be no prize but chosen photographs will be included in the final selection of our year-end TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Awards under the special category Movement.

Photo by yoanneleveque