LomoMission: LomoMission: Urban Jungle Through the LomoChrome Metropolis

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LomoMission: Urban Jungle Through the LomoChrome Metropolis

See your favorite metropolis from a new perspective with our LomoChrome Metropolis and win vouchers for our Online Shop!

The first new color negative in over five years, our LomoChrome Metropolis takes inspiration from the stark images of expressionism and modern urbanism, producing images that are drenched in muted tones and popping contrast. We only bring in the experimental, color-shifting film but the rest of its magic is in your hands! Are you up for a challenge?

On your next LomoChrome Metropolis shoot, we invite you to walk on the familiar streets and try it seeing it anew. Think of how the usual hustle and bustle at the train station would look like it subdued colors. Or that busy bodega filled with colorful curios and random knick-knacks. Take in those urban details that you usually would skip for being too trivial and surprise yourself with how it'll look like on the LomoChrome Metropolis! (Hint: Shades of red turn out especially mesmerizing!)

Five winners will get a 10% discount voucher code for our Online Shop. Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs shot on LomoChrome Metropolis. Have fun getting to know your city again and good luck!

The Winners

Congratulations to: aronne, dupdupdee, kikuike, gocchin & alliefong.