LomoMission: Crazy Liquids

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Crazy Liquids

Have you done some fascinating film soup concoction and fun experiments with liquids lately? Let us in on those secret recipes!

If you got leftover red wine or cocktail from last night's party, now is the time to put into good use and have a toast with your negatives.

If you want to multitask while cleaning the house and load those film rolls in the dishwasher instead or dab it with detergent for a snow-like effect.

For the DIY-lovers, maybe you have the perfect mixture for eye-catching photos with the LomoMod No. 1 and its Sutton Lens?

Whatever your heart desires, we want to see the craziest, loudest results from your film soup and other experiments using liquids for a chance to be one of the five winners of a 10% discount voucher for our Online Shop! Each participant may submit up to 10 entries. This competition will run until April 1, 2020.

Photo shot with the LomoMod No. 1 with the Sutton Lens filled with black tea.

The Winners

Congratulations to: jr-moon, josephinefab, alcesalces, myfridayfilms & cassiecorr.