LomoMission: LomoMission: Homeland – Lomography X Erland Cooper

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LomoMission: Homeland – Lomography X Erland Cooper

We've teamed up with composer Erland Cooper to offer you the chance to win his new album Hether Blether, the last in his album trilogy about his homeland Orkney in Scotland, and a Diana Instant Square camera.

Composer Erland Cooper comes from Orkney a small and beautiful island in Scotland, UK. The last two of his albums have explored different parts of his homeland from birdlife (2018’s Solan Goose), the sea (2019’s Sule Skerry) until his new album Hether Blether, turning his attention to the land and its people.

Erland Cooper's new album is a reaction to somewhere he feels closely to, so we want you to reflect on the theme HOMELAND and share your best pictures with us. This can be anything from your lockdown shots, places that makes you feel at peace, memories you hold on to. As a photography enthusiast, Erland will be picking the winners himself:

"I have a great love for still photography. Growing up on a remote Scottish island has probably fed into that with its daily rhyme of sea, land, darkness and light. As an adult, I cannot wait to go back to Orkney but as a boy, I could not wait to leave. Using University enrolment as my excuse, I travelled to Edinburgh, New York and Budapest. On the campus I would find a dark room and here I learnt to develop the pictures of my day to day. I tried to focus and develop the smaller details of things within a macro depth of field - rather than the wide angle landscape I grew up with.

Not only did the dark room provide me with the solitude to understand the process of developing pictures by patience, it had a chapel next door with an upright piano in it. Both of these rooms were rarely used at the times I would hide there. Here I looked to find a sense of melody in an oddly spiritual or ritualistic process between dark and light room. As the pictures developed so did I. The two art forms go hand in hand to me, much like engineering within music production, you aim to get the best sound of each layer early on, so you don’t have as much work to do later in the mix. I have a digital camera and find great joy in projecting new images and video onto analogue surfaces like brutalist architecture or coastline rock forms. I then reshoot that to create a new image or film. While this is a digital process, somehow the change of medium in-between reminds me of those early days of exploring a slow process of discovery.

I’m yet to try the Diana Instant Square camera, but look forward to doing so and reviewing all the submissions."

1st prize - A copy of Hether Blether by Erland Cooper (Cd or Vinyl format), a poster, a signed Orkney field guide/ Map and postcard, as well as a Diana Instant Square camera.

2nd prize - A copy of Hether Blether by Erland Cooper (Cd or Vinyl format).

3rd prize - A 20% voucher code for the Lomography online shop.

Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs. This competition is open worldwide. Competition closes on July 3rd.