LomoMission: LomoMission: Perfect Squares

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LomoMission: Perfect Squares

Using your favorite film cameras, show us why it is hip to be square!

Image-making techniques might have evolved by leaps and bounds but the charm of square-format photos has stood the test of time. Shooting in this perfectly balanced format encourages simplicity in composition, yet challenges one to think outside the box to make an equal-sized frame more dynamic.

It doesn't matter if you prefer having minimalist squares or playing with textures, shapes, and lines. Whether you enjoy using a medium format camera, an iconic instant gear, or even the Diana Mini, we want to see how you'll add your own brand of cool to shooting on this classic format! Show us 10 of your most creative takes on square format photography and be one of the five winners of a 10% discount code for our Online Shop.

Photo by moodification shot using the Lubitel 166+.


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