LomoMission: LomoMission: Creative Panoramas

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LomoMission: Creative Panoramas

Panoramic photography is often reserve to capture sweeping landscapes. After all, you get to capture more details and views than the conventional format. For this LomoMission, we challenge you to stretch your creativity and explore the wide artistic expanse that panoramas can provide.

Don't be limited from what you can see from left to right — try flipping your Sprocket Rocket, Horizon Perfekt, and other panorama-capable cameras vertically and discover things anew. If you're feeling adventurous, get your Spinner 360 moving for some fun group portraits that you can transform into its own tiny globes or combine multiple panoramas of the same scene for a totally surreal perspective!

Inspire us to think outside of a single frame and be one of the five winners of a 10% discount code for our Online Shop!. Each participant can submit up to 10 analogue panoramas. This competition will run until November 1, 2020. Good luck!

Photo by sirio174.


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