Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich at ICP

2023-09-29 – 2024-01-08 · New York
Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich at ICP

Featuring nearly 200 photographs taken from 1906 to 1978, Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich examines the multifaceted evolution of Dietrich’s (1901–1992) public persona. The exhibition features photographs by well-known artists such as Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, and Edward Steichen as well as photographers with whom Dietrich collaborated repeatedly throughout her life, including the noted Hollywood photographer George Hurrell, Eugene Robert Richee, and William Walling Jr. Rarely seen and previously unpublished images, snapshots, some of the last photos of Marlene Dietrich, and other works complement the formal portraits and studio images that have come to represent Dietrich, illustrating the true complexity of her life. Assembled by collector Pierre Passebon, this exhibition marks the first time his noted collection will be shown in the United States.

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  • 30 Years of Lomography

    2022-11-23 – 2023-11-23
    30 Years of Lomography

    In November 1992, the Lomography story began in the grand-old city of Vienna, Austria. We’re now 30 years old and are proud to be an eccentric, free, enthusiastic, creative, experimental, social, wonderful Lomography Community, uniting millions of analogue admirers from around the world who are keen to help us keep film photography alive. Get ready for a full year of birthday celebrations, the experimentation must go on!

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  • Photo Exhibition: Letizia Battaglia – Sono Io

    2023-04-29 – 2023-11-01 · Italy
    Photo Exhibition: Letizia Battaglia – Sono Io

    Letizia Battaglia today has taken on a fundamental significance in the history of international photography. In “Une histoire mondiale des femmes photographes,” by Luce Lebart and Marie Robert, Laetitia Guillemin recalls Letizia Battaglia especially during the years of her collaboration with the Palermo daily L’Ora, during the bloody war of the Mafia in the 1970s and 1980s. Sono io is not a statement Letizia Battaglia would have ever said. We do so, extrapolating it from a sentence of hers much more articulate phrase that appeared in an interview a few years ago. With this exhibition we maintain the tradition of breaking schemes, erasing themes, ignoring chronologies, and constructing a polyphonic work, as representative as possible, offering a unified vision of a body of work that has lasted almost five decades. Photography and everyday life come together in a single path that highlights the extraordinary visual sensitivity, and the courage to be at the distance of a punch or a caress to conquer the image, often achieved in extreme contexts but always full of dignity. Photography reached Letizia Battaglia thanks to a series of fortuitous elements and becomes an important tool for her emancipation as a woman and mother.

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  • Listen Until You Hear

    2023-05-05 – 2023-10-22 · New York City
    Listen Until You Hear

    Fotografiska is proud to partner with the artist-led organization, For Freedoms, to present Listen Until You Hear, featuring artworks by Hank Willis Thomas, Cassils, Maia Ruth Lee, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Eric Gottesman, and Kameelah Janan Rasheed. All from diverse backgrounds, these six artists collectively create an exploratory forum for visitors to consider the idea of “visual listening,” a concept where we ask you to not only listen with your ears but to connect more deeply with your own body and to be more aware of your relationship with others.

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  • The Bridge

    2023-07-11 – 2023-11-04 · New York, United States
    The Bridge

    The Bridge is a groundbreaking, 16-week vision for mentorship-based education, designed in collaboration with the American Society of Media Photographers New York to lift the barriers of Time, Money and Access and help talented young artists who face tough decisions about their road ahead.

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  • Past Lives: Performance Art through the Camera

    2023-08-05 – 2023-11-18 · Pasadena, California
    Past Lives: Performance Art through the Camera

    Past Lives: Performance Art through the Camera features a selection of influential performance artworks from the 1980s to the early 2000s. In showcasing these works from the Museum’s holdings, the exhibition underscores the significance of performance as a fine art form, while also highlighting the strength of Asian and Asian-American artists in the field.

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  • Markéta Luskačová

    2023-08-12 – 2023-10-07 · Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Markéta Luskačová

    This year Stills will present the first exhibition in Scotland dedicated to the work of Prague-born, UK-based photographer, Markéta Luskačová. The exhibition will concentrate on Luskačová’s photographs of children. An interest in the life of children permeates almost all of Luskačová’s work and there were several years when this was the main subject of her photography as seen in the series, ‘Citizen 2000’ (1986-2000) and in her work from the 1960s onwards documenting: Pilgrims; Juvenile Jazz Bands in the North of England; Durham Cathedral and Chorister School; London markets; Chiswick Women’s Aid; and carnivals in the Czech Republic.

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  • The Water Holds Me: Photographs by Suda House

    2023-08-16 – 2023-10-15 · San Diego, United States of America
    The Water Holds Me: Photographs by Suda House

    The Water Holds Me reflects forty years of Suda House’s creative output. House’s large-scale photographs combine her journey as a woman, a mother, an artist, and an open-water ocean swimmer, each connected by a care and concern for our damaged planet. Experience the ocean and the mythology presented by Suda House, “Stroking. One, two, three, breathe. Kick, kick, kick, always kicking. We set out in the open ocean. The entire bottom bends back and forth with the current. We have no choice, but to become part of the motion.”

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    2023-09-01 – 2023-11-01 · Italy

    PhEST is photography, cinema, music, art, and contaminations from the Mediterranean. PhEST is born out of the need to give back a voice to the thousand identities that form the “sea within the lands”, the need to redefine a new, original imagery. The necessity is not to erase the distance that the Mediterranean creates among these identities, because this sea, in fact, creates them and blends them. The need is rather to stitch back together the divide between reality and its representation, beyond the theater of truth, beyond that stage of the real that the West has often set up.

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  • Cara Romero: Indigenous Futurity at Fotografiska

    2023-09-12 – 2023-10-22 · New York
    Cara Romero: Indigenous Futurity at Fotografiska

    Fotografiska is pleased to present a selection of recent photographs by Cara Romero. In this body of work, Romero creates surreal and vibrant portraits that enact an Indigenous Futurity, tethered to Indigenous sciences and knowledges. In the artist’s own words: “The work I’ve made within the genre of Indigenous Futurisms really came from a deep creative space of wanting to play, of wanting to be imaginative, of wanting to talk about those connections to time and the power of Indigenous women.”

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