2013 Krakow-Plaszow - the second test of BEIRETTE SL

OK, so I simply wasn't able to leave my "German King of Totally Plastic Cameras from 80s" alone. ;) It seemed like

my beloved Beirette SL 100N was broken or something but still ONE photo from the previous roll was OK! So maybe I

let the film get exposed to too much light after all, while loading it?
So... This time I waited when the night comes, I took rubber medical gloves, I turned the light off and...
I looked like a demonic perverted doctor doing something reeeeally dirty in complete darkness!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
This time it wasn't maybe any fancy photo-excursion - just a small LOMOwalk to some nice part of my city. It was hot

like hell but at least I got a sunny weather. ;) So I endured the suffering. ;) For the Lomography sake! :)
The Beirette's click sounded pretty OK while shooting, so once again I got a ray of hope that the camera was

And... It WAS!! And still **IS**!!:) All photos look fine. Not too dark, not too bright, mostly focused and if sometimes they're not 100% in focus, it's rather fault of ME than the old guy Eastern-German Beirette SL 100N! :) 26 years old beast - and still kicking hard. :)
I hope You enjoy this small collection of photos taken with this pretty rare machine. :)

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