LomoPeople Malaysia: izzzart


He is izzzart, my inspiration.

We first met by chance, he helped me do something for The Lomorangers. Since then, we’ve become close cause we share the same interests and ideas.

He became interested in the lomo-world since he started following videos on YouTube by Mijonju Jones who introduced various analogue cameras. He’s crazy-obsessed with Mijonju Jones and wishes to meet him.

The first camera he purchased was Diana F+ along with a 35mm Back+. Also a Smena 8M, a La Sardina and the latest, an LC-A+. He also introduced the Ultra Wide Slim camera to me.

Here are some of his work:

He has been an inspiration to me. He also taught me a lot about the fundamentals of photography. Although I have long been in the analogue world, there’s a lot more I need to learn. Thanks to him I’ve found a teacher and I hope also a mate with whom we carry out my mission to teach kids to play with analogue cameras.

We are actively involved with our partners in The Lomorangers. We have a lot to do with outing activities, exhibition and so on.

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  1. lomo-chef
    lomo-chef ·

    so sweettttttttttttttttttttttttt <3

  2. jimdiana
    jimdiana ·

    sweet like candy ;)

  3. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    power la

  4. rembow
    rembow ·

    thanks u guys

  5. conjugate
    conjugate ·

    lovanalogue is in the air~ all the best guys! happy always =)

  6. shafie_suleiman
    shafie_suleiman ·

    nice lomo people btw,love it,especially your both eye :)

  7. rembow
    rembow ·

    hey, thanks thanks.

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