Rossmann HR 200 (35mm, ISO 200): Great Pictures from a Cheap Film


The Rossmann HR 200 from the drugstore is one of the cheapest color negative films in Germany. Despite the low price, you can get great pictures with this film.

Anyone who looks at times at Rossmann, a drugstore chain in Germany, in the photo department, will certainly be aware of the film. Under the house brand, Rossmann sold a color negative film. The storage package with 4 films costs only around € 3. That’s just staggering € 0.75 per roll of film. Compared to other films, this is really a bargain.

The 35mm film has a sensitivity of ISO 200 film and you can make with the film 36 images. The film is developed in C-41 and may be developed in CN-16. The label “Made in Japan” indicated on Fujifilm as the manufacturer of the film. It’s not available as a medium format film. That’s a shame, because there are not many affordable medium format films. Due to the low price you can do a lot with it and just go for a few experiments. For example, you can turn it around and expose it as redscale.

Especially when the sun shines, the images are correct contrast and the colors are great.
These pictures were taken with the La Sardina, Lomo LC-A+, Lomo LC-Wide, and Fisheye One.

Despite the low price, the Rossmann HR 200 does not hide behind other films. The Rossmann HR 200 is a solid film for little money and certainly worth a try. Also “Stiftung Warentest” in Germany certifies it as a “good” film.

In summary, you can save a bunch of money with this film, particularly when you buy the four-pack. You can still get great pictures with this film without breaking the bank.

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