Marcos Sifú Experiments With the La Sardina

Marcus Menezes, A.K.A Sifú, is one of the most prominent Brazilian surfers when it comes to innovative maneuvers. Since creativity is present in your DNA, he ends up expressing himself in other areas as well, one of which is photography. Sifú is a hands-on photographer who is always searching, testing and inventing new possibilities with analog cameras. We gave him a La Sardina few months ago and now you can see in this interview a bit more about this partnership that yielded great pictures and laughs. Read on…

To start, tell us a bit about yourself for those who do not know you. What do you do? What are your interests, hobbies, etc..

Nowadays my hobby is to experiment, learn and try not to impose limitations. And I try to apply it in photography also.

Movie made by Sifú and Michelangelo Bernardoni for the Channel OFF.

How did your relationship with photography started?

A long time ago, my father had a home lab. I think I got my first camera at age 6, a plastic one in the shape of the he-man castle…hahahaha

We search on google and here’s the He-Man camera. 110 format!!

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you learn about the community?

My good friend Tom Toledo, Marketing Manager of Hang Loose showed me a Holga one day on an island where we spent five days camping and producing campaign material for Hang Loose and Volcom brands for which I am an athlete. We had time to discuss a lot about Lomography. When I returned from this trip, I found a Holga at a thrift store in the center of Rio de Janeiro and it all started.

People who know you, know that you have a good range of cameras. What was your first film camera and how many you have today?

The first was the HE-MAN camera. Today I have a lot of old ones that I found, test and the best ones I ended up using most often. But I love my LC-A's and my Horizon ! I borrowed a Rolleiflex , I can’t remember who from…I liked a lot too. Besides these I also have a La Sardina, Holga, Diana F + Instant Back, Frogeye, Pinhole Cameras, Super8, 16mm cameras and a Lomokino.

First movie made by Sifú with the LomoKino.

If you had to choose one as your favorite, what would it be?

I’ll have to stick with two. The LC-A + and the Horizon Perfekt perfekt.

You are one of the most creative surfers when it comes to innovation on the maneuvers. Do you think this characteristic applies in other areas too, like photography?

I believe that yes, something in me always tries making something different.

Tell how shooting with the La Sardina was?

Easy. I thought it fun to use the angle of the lens, a beautiful wide with resistent body. Good for beach and water conditions, and salt like a La Sardina should be …

What is a favorite photo that you took with her ​​and why?

I really liked that one we can not publish because it contains nudity…hahahahaha

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack, which they would be (title & artist)?

Peter Tosh – Here comes the sun.
Here Comes The Sun

Which photographers/surfers inspire you or whose work you enjoy?

Junior Faria and Pablo Aguiar are two great friends that I enjoy the work of photos. Luiz Blanco is another who had to turn Lomographer in the future…

We have some examples of professional surfers who ended up expanding their professional work to photography. Do you see this as a possibility for the future?

Yes, currently I’m working on a project that links a bit of surfing and photography will soon show a little more.

Finally, want to leave a message for lomographers who are reading this story?


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