The Old Fujicolor F-II for 110 Cameras

Looking for some 110 films to use with that newly-acquired 110 camera? Check out my review of the Fujicolor F-II for pocket film cameras after the jump!

Some time ago I bought on eBay an old Ektra 200 110 camera from Kodak. The camera came in a nice box. The camera itself also had a film that was apparently already partially exposed. It was a Fujicolor F-II color film for 110 cameras from Fujifilm.

What the sensitivity of the film is, I could not figure out. But, according to my research on the Internet, it has a sensitivity of ISO 400. I assume that it had already passed some years and was not stored under the best conditions. If all the frames of the film have already been exposed, I did not know, but I was determined to expose all of it. So I quickly used up the film and looked for a lab.

When I came back to the first lab where I’ve tried having it developed a few days later, the film was marked with development no longer be possible, since they no longer support this film format. The second laboratory had developed it with no problems and I got the negatives back. With a bit fiddly job I got it scanned with my flatbed scanner.

The photographer must have been a fan of car racing, because there are many pictures from a car race on the film. When the pictures were taken, unfortunately, I cannot say, but maybe sometime in the 80s.

My pictures are unfortunately not on the film. Perhaps it was already fully exposed, or something of that nature. Despite the very small film size you get proper shots back. Although it was already expired, it still brings good and sharp pictures. The images have a strong green cast but that is probably because the film was expired.

I would like to try this film out, but unfortunately, Fujifilm produces no more of these pocket films. Maybe I’ll get one again. If you ever come across this film, go ahead and try it out!

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