Sleeping Beauty Raises Eyebrows


When you see a person lying in a public space such as the metro or on the side of the road I’d say you’d think “poor thing”. How about if we told you we was clear-shaven and wearing designer threads? “Man, he’s drunk” might be your next reaction. Well, visual artist John Clang took to the streets and brought his fluffy pillow along with him. Join him in taking a long “pause” after the jump!

Image via getaddictedto

This surreal sight is indeed real! It’s not a photoshopped image of John Ciang’s friend Beon at home on his bed onto different busy scenes in Singapore. You can gauge by the perplexed looks commuters are giving him!

Image via getaddictedto

He doesn’t have narcolepsy, but a statement he wants to share with his fellow city dwellers through the visual medium.

Ciang’s works incorporate his surroundings and his attraction to the “mundane”. The photo series featured here, "Beon Sleeps, is testament to that.

“The mundane and the commonplace attract me—I always profess an affinity for subject matters closely related to my daily life. I often dwell upon urban and contemporary themes and landscapes; be it the city or its inhabitants. Intrigued by subtle changes in my environment, I find a corresponding shift in my feelings and thoughts. Hence, my images are a poetic reflection of myself in response to the nuanced changes in my environment.”

Images via getaddictedto

While catching-up on sleep, Beon, who represents us, is able to catch up with the strangers in his city. People who share our paths to work who we pass by everyday, never stopping to say hello. These photographs are dialogues of what unspoken strange but beautiful connections we have in our day-to-day.

What do you think from viewing these bizarre photos? Will you venture out to stop traffic with your analogue-camera in hand? In this fast paced, instant gratification, world we’re in, how do you propose we go about slowing down our pace to literally enjoy the smell of the roses we so often miss?

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  1. gilliangerrard
    gilliangerrard ·

    Love urban experiment to get reactions while breaking the everyday norm! This one is so simple and amazing. Here is another one I favor:

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