DIY Kodachrome - Developing Kodak Kodachrome with Black and White Chemicals


In 2010 the last commercial lab processing Kodak Kodachrome films was closed. Since then you have to be creative to get this film developed. This tipster will show you how to process Kodak Kodachrome on your own to get some beautiful, monochromatic, and blueish results!

Maybe you’re lucky and you still have some of these famous Kodak Kodachrome rolls in your freezer. Unfortunately there is no chance to get these goodies developed, since the last commercial lab handling this special material was closed in 2010 (Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas [1,2,3]). But there is still a simple method to get your films developed.

Because the Kodachrome films have a very special chemistry, which distinguishes them from others (there are no dye couplers incorporated in their emulsion layers, but the dye couplers were added during processing) it is easy to process the Kodachrome films by yourself with chemicals for black and white development [4,5].

Studies on Kodachrome – shot with Lomo LC wide at Lusto and Retretti museum in Finland.

All you need is…

  • love
  • dark room (light-less, water for rinsing)
  • scissors
  • film developing tank for 35mm (e.g. Jobo Unitank 1520)
  • developing solution for black and white films
  • fixing chemicals for black and white films
  • excitement

Prepare the solutions (developer and fixer) according to the instructions of the manufacturer. I used the Kodak Professional high contrast developer (for films for scientific and technical use, and for films for aerial photography). As fixative I used Tetenal Superfix Plus (rapid fixer). I’m pretty sure you can use any other chemicals matching with black and white film material. Prepare your film developing tank and make sure to find all the equipment in complete darkness

Processing (in total darkness):
Open the film cartridge (scissors or a screwdriver are useful tools) or pull out the film with a small hook and wind it into your developing tank. Fill up with the developing solution and process for 4 min with constant agitation for the first two minutes, than flip-flop the tank one time each minute. Drain the developer and rinse once with fresh water, subsequently fill in the fixative (10 min) and occasionally agitate the solution in the tank. Remove the film from the tank and rinse it carefully with fresh water for 15 minutes. Sometimes there is gray covering on the negatives which can be squeegeed by your fingers; remove it and rinse again for some minutes. Both developer and fixative solution were used at room temperature; the water for rinsing had a temperature of around 17°C.
After drying the negatives (yellowish – brownish), you can scan them or get them reprinted by your favorite lab.

The results are blueish cyanotype-like lomographs with a very special atmosphere.
Try out and have lot of fun!

Studies on Kodachrome – shot with Lomo LC wide at Lusto and Retretti museum in Finland.


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    Interesting results! I developed in Rodinal and got other results:

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    Interesting and well written. Way to go!

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    Dwane's Photo is still around! If you buy those Fujifilm E6 mailers they send them there. Dwane's just shut down their K-14 processing.

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    coolbober ·

    When I tried to process my super 8 kodachrome, emulsion is just washed off

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    Thankyou very much, I'm definantly going to dig out that old roll in the cupboard.

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    thanks for the tipster, I'll try ot out as I found a Kodachrome 64 film in a na old camera I bought on a fleamarket....

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  73. kobra11
    kobra11 ·

    ایربگ چیست؟ طرز کار آن چگونه است؟

  74. kobra11
    kobra11 ·

    آشنایی با کولر صنعتی
    در محیط های صنعتی و فضاهای بسیار بزرگ در فصل گرما کولرهای معمولی و کولرهای گازی جوابگو نیستند. در چنین شرایطی استفاده از کولر صنعتی و جایگزین کردن کولر صنعتی با سایر کولرها می باشد. کولر صنعتی قدرت بالایی در خنک کردن محیط های بزرگ دارد.

    استفاده از کولر صنعتی در فضاهای کوچک و کارگاه های کوچک مقرون به صرفه نیست چه از نظر قیمتی و چه از نظر هزینه های ثانویه مانند پول آب و برق و … بنابراین اگر کارگاه یا کارخانه شما بسیار بزرگ است و تعداد افرادی که در محل حضور دارند برای خنک کردن محیط چاره ای جز استفاده از کولر صنعتی وجود ندارد.…

  75. cvxvfxb
    cvxvfxb ·

    قیمت و خرید انواع ریموت کنترل ساگا در فروشگاه اینترنتی اف سی بای…

  76. cvxvfxb
    cvxvfxb ·

    اچ ام ای (HMI) چیست؟…

  77. signco
    signco ·

    با خرید دستگاه RTMS از شرکت روان ابزار از 5 درصد تخفیف ویژه به ارزش 13 میلیون تومان برخوردار شوید.……

  78. signco
    signco ·تزریق ژل که امروزه هواداران زیادی پیدا کرده است%d9%85%d8%b1%d8%a7%d9%82%d8%a8%d8%aa%db%8c-%d8%a8%d8%b9%d8%af-%d8%a7%d8%b2-%d8%aa%d8%b2%d8%b1%db%8c%d9%82-%da%98%d9%84/…

  79. signco
    signco ·

    طراحی لوگو در شیراز با توجه به انواع آن و زمانی که صرف طراحی آن میشود دارای قیمت های متنوعی است. طبیعی است که هرچه زمان بیشتری صرف طراحی یک لوگو شود هزینه طراحی هم افزایش می یابد.………

  80. signco

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