This Calls for a Celebration: Halloween in a Park Which is About to Disappear


Spooky Nightmare in the Park!

There are not that many park in the area where I live, There is a river though, but not that many parks.
And now the only proper park we have is in danger of disappearance.
Our lovely King Edward Memorial Park in East London is about to sacrificed for the construction of Thames Water Super Sewer. They want to turn into a construction site for the Thames Water Tideway Tunnel.

The current plans entail extensive works, which would last several years, would damage the mature vegetation and wildlife habitats beyond repair and make the park, its amenities and the Thames Path unusable for the duration of the Tunnel build.

Obviously, our community is not happy about it at all and we are trying to do everything possible to prevent it from happening. Apart from collecting signatures and campaigning, local people try to use the park as much as possible to show the authorities that we really need this green space.

One of the most colorful and impressive celebrations in our park is the annual Halloween celebration for kids and families. Every year on the 31st of October our KEMP park becomes a wonderland of spookiness.
Children can play with the Freaky Monkeys, listen to Spooky Tales spun by Jack O’ Lantern and add their own Spooky Characters to the Web of Wonder – a magical art installation in the trees.
Halloween Helpers come on hand in the Creepy Craft Area to make Halloween Hats and Eerie Lanterns.
Children can visit the Spooky Faces Tent for monster face painting or come wearing their own best costume to be in with a chance of winning the Most Haunting Halloween Costume Prize.
Mr Recycle More and his team is giving children tips and advice on recycling and on how to create your own Halloween-themed decorations.

The event usually closes with a fancy dress competition followed by a Nightmare in the Park Finale, ‘Spooky Spectacular’ when weird and wonderful creatures are showing up to scare everyone.

We truly hope that the park stays where it is for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. neja
    neja ·

    @kylewis @jalvaarez. Our park is in danger!

  2. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    What a pitty!
    Bad news!!
    I hope you can preserve this park from the concrete!!
    By the way: like three photos so much: the black spider, the children in the dark, with the red eyes ... and the "photographer", in the shadow with the kinds ...

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Wonderful atmosphere in the images, I do hope you have some success in your endeavours to stop them. What petition have you got up and going, can it be signed by anyone or does it need to be residents?

  4. neja
    neja · @kylewis here is SAVE KEMP web site... anyone can sign...

  5. neja

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