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Summer is coming for most parts of the world! And we’re definitely feeling the heat between these burning analogue questions we’ve collated for all of you!

Ah yes, it’s time for another Ask Your Guru! We’ve built bridges through out the world to connect two Lomographers and have them ask and answer their own personal film photography related queries. Guess we’re ready! Are you?

Then let us welcome Newcomer edenhovenga and LomoGuru why-yu for this week’s Ask Your Guru!

Credits: why-yu

Coming from Rostov-on-Don in the Russian Federation, this LomoGuru has been a part of our Community for three years already. She is Yulia Rusanova or more fondly known as why-yu in this Community of ours.

She works as a designer but admits that she loves taking photos more than designing! She does film photography during her free time and has an intense fascination for music, art, and meeting various people.

Credits: edenhovenga

She discovered Lomography six years ago but decided to join the Community this year. Coming from Baltimore, Eden Hovenga or yes, edenhovenga first Lomography camera was the dreamy Diana F+.

Currently, Eden is a graduating student who works on mainly ceramics and sculptural work. She is also doing a project that involves porcelain tiles of film photographs she has taken in the past year as a part of her thesis exhibition.

Well, our introductions truly have been interesting! Now it’s time for our interview proper!

Eden Hovenga (EH): What was your first camera and how did it find you?

Yulia Rusanova (YR): My first camera was a Lomo Smena 8m. I really can’t remember how “it found me” but I think I got it from a flea market for it has been 10 years ago. I love this camera more and more… I love its design, its quality, its function… I can take more time talking about the Smena especially that I know it too well and what I can do with it.

Delish Smena shots!

EH: If you were trapped in an island and could only bring one type of film, what film would you bring and why?

YR: I choose my films depending on the occasion or if I have any idea where I’ll be. But since it’s on an island, I think I’ll take some redscale! Why? Because I just can’t get over exposure! Haha. Of course if it’s on a sunny island then the redscale film will just be perfect! Also, I love some Svema film developed in coffenol.

Redscaled kitty!

EH: What is your favorite photo of yours from when you first joined the Community? And why?

YR: Wow, this is a really difficult question! I love photos from my travel because of the moments I’ve captured. They are all important for me. If not, maybe something from my doubles or a picture of my son. I love this photograph, too.

Credits: why-yu

It was burnt out in the sun, an old poster. It’s more than a picture for me. Probably not the best picture but the best emotion.

EH: What do you think is your most under-appreciated or forgotten photo?

YR: I don’t really think about it. Well, I think I may have some photos but these photos are good enough for me because of the feelings and memories I have with them.

Emotion sure is important when it comes to taking photographs!

EH: It appears to me that a lot of your shots of people are staged. Why do you choose to do this?*

YR: Hmmm, I have many photos of people on the street. I love shooting them candidly or not.

Some favourites from Eden’s LomoHome!

EH: What is your favorite subject or place to photograph?

YR: Usually it’s some urban city. I love shooting industrial objects, decayed cities, and stuff related to it.

EH: How many rolls of film do you think you shoot in a week? In a month?

YR: Hmm, I shoot every day or almost every day so I really can’t say. When I was in Barcelona for 10 days, I used 30 rolls of film because I walked alone a lot of times.

More awesome Lomographs by Eden.

EH: What’s your favorite Lomographic technique – multiple exposures, micro clicks, masks, bokeh, homemade redscale? Any secret tips up your sleeve that you could share?

I often use homemade redscale and self develop black and whire films in coffenol. That’s it! :)

Black and white film photograph self-developed in coffenol.

Well, that interview sure had a lot of personal touch! I hope you enjoyed this version of Ask Your Guru. Until the next! :)

Are you a curious Newcomer? Or maybe a LomoGuru who would like to share tips and tricks to our noobs? Then this is your time to be featured! Just drop me a line at Catch ya!

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