An Exhibit of Lomographic Alternative Processes

We’re bringing back the vintage as our Kickstarter for Lomography’s Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens is on the go! Get a rundown of the different alternative printing processes produced by none other than the Lomographers from the community!

Ever dark calotypes

Credits: sammymaujard & dementiachan

Glowing lumen prints

Credits: lomodesbro & troch

Painterly anthotypes

Credits: stratski

Chemigrams going metallic

Credits: stratski & becka9

Risky favorite: cyanotypes

Credits: lomomentos, mantography, martinpruv, stratski, ibrown & houwy

Tasting salt prints

Credits: analogue_rogue, lomodesbro & slamoutwithyourclamout

Misted tintypes

Credits: seanyeo, mrmaart, willyb311 & laurasulilly

Sepia in Caffenol

Credits: maliba, w-david, shoujoai & crossbrasil

Another brown: Vandyke brown process

Credits: troch & novakmisi

Modern daguerreotypes

Credits: kim_greenwell & worlddrumming

Quaint ambrotypes

Credits: dopa & mell0nc0llie

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