Poseidon's Territory: Images Below the Sea

Earth, which is 1/3 land and 2/3 water, still holds many secrets, especially in the depths of oceans and seas. Not many dare to photograph the goings-on down below, but it’s a different view in its entirety. Here are some photos from Lomographers who attempted to join the underwater party.

Kingdom of the sea

Credits: jennson, shamba, vicuna, yokekei & wil6ka

Just keep swimming…

Credits: natalieerachel, myloveletter, stouf, korppi & susielomovitz

Fish are friends, not food

Credits: jennson, explorette & vicuna

Mermaid portraiture

Credits: myloveletter, pith, bebopbebop, lupo & devildi

Feet, not fins

Credits: crazy_little_red_riding_hood, dirklancer, saidseni & yanyan

2016-05-07 #lifestyle #underwater #underwater-photography

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