The Special Things in Summertime

Another season enters 2016 — and summer is the most awaited. Fun and relaxation under the lazy bright sun, vacation beside coasts and beaches, playtime in broad daylight — if analogue cameras could talk, they’d all say (in unison) summer is the best season for photography.

Here are some of the Lomography community’s favorite reasons why summer is the peak for film photography.

Full sunsets

Credits: somewhereonthemountain, hiuyu, needle76, mundy & luckykkachi

Tanning at beaches and pools

Credits: natalieerachel, jmcedo, ponzi, dbyremus15 & tyler_durden

Outdoor concerts and summer festivals

Credits: poepel, radoslav & zorki

Cookouts and picnics

Credits: thegroundabove, weidong, arurin & filby

Clothing: less or bare

Credits: oneira1927, u-t-e, shaeis, marta1901, powoui & abcdefuck

Extending children’s playtime

Credits: warning, srcardoso, kleinerkaries, lazybuddha, disdis & mediabrus

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