Monday Moodboard: This Is Halloween


Unlike most Mondays, this particular Monday, the 31st of October, is special. Most of us around the world are on vacation mode, but that does not exempt us from the busy and party-filled weekend.

Get your holiday spirits on the rise -- don the most clever Halloween costume or go out with friends pulling pranks, accompany your little siblings to trick-or-treating or share paranormal stories, for this Monday Moodboard is anything but mundane and uninspiring.

Credits: kylethefrench, geltona, golondrine, swooll, atropaworkshop, moeven, blueskyandhardrock, marcus_loves_film, tracyvmoore, andrejrusskovskij, mikeluntzilla & kleeblatt

2016-10-31 #culture #halloween #art-photography #monday-moodboard #creative-photography

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