How to Create Alternate Worlds and Realities


We all yearn to be unique with our analogue grind. Just because we don't use Photoshop doesn't mean we're not capable of fooling with reality. Simply reversing the frame of a photograph, taking multiple exposures, exposing both sides of the film of using a splitzer could do magnificent wonders, such as creating or alternating worlds or deconstructing the multiverse.
Take these photographs from the Lomographic community for a example: each is one of a kind.

Multiple worlds in collage

Credits: vanc180sx, zoomusicgirl69 & hodachrome

Topsy turvy

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, feelux & bylcuenca

The universe in the mirror

Credits: nanigo, bravebird & hodachrome

A split in reality

Credits: ohlordy, lomopolar & vikkki

EBS worlds

Credits: adi_totp, buckshot, feemail & jprswim

Senseless abstraction

Credits: reizueberflutung & ohlordy

2016-11-12 #culture #tutorials #multiple-exposure #analogue-photography #double-exposure #ebs #creative-photography

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