Double Exposure Masterpieces - Taiwanese Photographer Rui with Lomo'Instant Wide

Three years ago, we interviewed Rui — a Taiwanese photographer and model whose favorite shooting style is surrealism. Now, we bring you her current masterpieces taken with the Lomo'Instant Wide.

Left: "Sometimes I feel satisfied with what I have shot, when some photos are like those masterpieces of painting. I straightly think of “Country Garden with Sunflowers” by Gustav Klimt." said Rui.

Feeling overwhelmed by large-size instant film

" The Lomo'Instant Wide is very user-friendly, as long as you make sure you have set the focal length (0.6m, 1-2m or Infinity) before shooting, and decide the suitable aperture or choose automatic mode to shoot. Sometimes I’m fond of playing with light by ‘B’ shutter mode, as well as clicking the ‘MX’ button to create masterpieces by double exposure. With making great use of the wide-angle lens, I’m super overwhelmed by the images shown on large-size instant films!"

Left: Arisa Nagai ; Right: Rui

Exploring everything beautiful is the key of happiness in daily life

“My friend suggested a theme, ‘Beauty’, a simple yet abstract topic to me. Frankly speaking, exploring everything beautiful is the key of happiness in my daily life. I still remember the first time when I shoot my cat, little Rio and flowers with Lomo'Instant Wide, I realize my cat is like an elf having tons of facial expression everyday.”

Left: Little Rio with flowers ; Right: Little Rio with Rui

Practice makes perfect!

“You can capture numerous moments by endless double exposure with this Lomo’Instant Wide. Practice always makes perfect. Beginners would gradually get used to this powerful instant camera after taking 2 packs of film.”

Models: さいとうなりArisa Nagai

An eye-catching, fantastic tool perfectly for dating!

“Its large size has a pro and a con. It hardly fits into girls’ tiny bags, but on the other hand, its large appearance fantastically captures everyone’s attention, which is too perfect for boys to please girls on a date,” Rui laughed.

Thank you Rui! Check her Facebook page 小貓。dear Rui Gallery to see more photos. You may also visit her website and Instagram too! Make sure you don’t miss out her Facebook Live Broadcast for Lomo'Instant Wide tutorials!

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