LomoAmigo Highlights of 2016 with the Lomo’instant Wide


Last year Lomography UK sent out some Lomo’instant Wide cameras to be tested out by our most prolific community members and instant photography fanatics. We asked each of them how they found shooting with the Lomo'instant Wide. Here is a snapshot of what they experienced and a selection of their best images, covering double exposures, long exposures and close up shots!

Photos:Ian Hobson

"It behaved itself admirably. The inclusion of the wide angle lens and it’s viewfinder attachment was a bonus, as during those long bulb mode exposures, shorter focal lengths come in useful for letting more light in to allow the background to register in dark conditions." – Ian Hobson (See original post here.)

Photos: Lydia Trappenberg

"I used to choose my cameras by how easy (if possible at all) it is to double expose so this one would have won against every single one of them. And of course the fact that the camera is so gorgeous that it brings out the most genuine smile in everyone!" - Lydia Trappenberg (See original post here)

Photos:Michael Sullivan

"I have always loved instant cameras, but the majority of models I’ve used haven’t given me much creative control. On any film camera, I like being able to switch the flash off, open the shutter for as long as i want, have some focus options, and the ability to take multiple exposures easily! I found that the Lomo'instant Wide ticks all of these boxes, and manages to do so without being complicated to use." - Michael Sullivan (See original post here.)

Photos:Leanne Surfleet

"It’s such a fun camera to shoot with and very quick to learn. I loved the ability to shoot multiple exposures and the use of the lens cap as a remote shutter release. As I shoot a lot of self-portraits it’s important for me to have some kind of self-timer or remote button on a new camera so this was perfect." Leanne Surfleet (See original post here.)

Photos:Matthew Wilkinson

"The design of the lens cap being a remote shutter, is an awesome touch and to get that physical print instantly is the icing on the cake!” - Matthew Wilkinson (See original post here.)

Photos: Becky Broodbakker

"It’s wonderful! Very simple to use which I like. The plastic lens creates a dreamy effect which I fell head over heels for and I really enjoyed the unpredictability that comes with the lens and viewfinder not being connected." - Becky Broodbakker (See original post here.)

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