Monday Moodboard: Preparing for the Lunar New Year

We've only got six days to go before the Lunar New Year!

For those who have been living under a rock, the Lunar New Year, known as the Spring Festival in modern Chinese follows the Chinese calendar (Lunar calendar), and it is followed by countries that China has influenced over the centuries. The date for the New Year is around 21 January and 20 February of the Gregorian calendar, depending on when the new moon befalls.

While the concept and beliefs behind the Lunar New Year isn't majorly different with the New Year usually celebrated in the West, celebrations for the Lunar New Year often have traditions, rites, several varying mythologies and practices behind them -- mostly practices to gain prosperity, fortune, good luck, harmony and such.

So if you want a smooth-sailing, happy 2017, join us as we wait for the festive, uplifting moods for the Lunar New Year with this Monday Moodboard.

Credits: renaishashin, mczoum, tomkiddo, grazie, icequeenubia, i_fung & kuryzu

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