The Power of Color: Arthur Pang x Lomography F²/400 Color Negative Film


Arthur Pang (@arthursoptic) is a photographer born and raised in Hong Kong. He dabbled in studio photography as well as product and wildlife photography, but it is street photography that he enjoys the most. Here, he shares his awesome photos and thoughts on the new Lomography F²/400 Color Negative Film.

Credits: arthursoptic

Is film dead? Absolutely not! Thanks to the recent popularity of film photography among young people today, film has been making a comeback. It is great to see that there are more and more different types of film to try out. Today we are looking at the new Lomography F²/400 film. Let’s see what Lomography has brought to the table this time.

Let's look at the color palette of this film: it is strong on contrast, and the colors are vibrant and enhanced. Not to mention that it also has remarkable clarity.

Credits: arthursoptic

As you can see with both of these images, the film has a dynamic range color detail, as if it is almost HDR. Another thing worth knowing about this film is that, it is hungry for light! I would recommend shooting this film as a 320, so you would be over exposing it ⅓ of a stop. Underexposing this film you will find some grains on the darker part of the image. Knowing how this film behaves can give you a lot of insight on how to use the film grain to your creative advantage.

Credits: arthursoptic

Overall when I was given this film to shoot, I didn't know what to expect. So I went to my favorite environment to put this film to the test. I went to the wet market where they have a lot of different color lighting and the light direction usually comes from a difficult angle. The film beautifully rendered this harsh environment effortlessly, with the vivid contrast-y tones. The images turned out with a color shift where certain colors are supressed, and the other colors are enhanced.

Credits: arthursoptic

This film leaves me with an impression of a vivid surreal world that I have not seen in a long time. Shoot this film with all the colors you can find, and this film will do exceptionally well. If you shoot this in the summer time you will definitely have fun as the harsh light from the sun will turn into your greatest asset.

Mind you I shot my film on a dull winter day when the light isn’t as bright but there were no problems with the contrast at all. So if you are shooting this film in winter, there might not be much that you can do with the light; however you can look for interesting color combinations. The nature of the film will help you out. You can put opposite colors together, the way I see it this film amazingly lifts red, yellow, and blue. These will go very strong visually.

Credits: arthursoptic

Red might just be the favorite color of this film!

To see more of Arthur's photos, visit his Lomohome and Instagram.

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